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From a physical standpoint, the shapeshifting phenomena might not be as impossible as it appears on the surface. Introduction The most famous type of shapeshifter in our culture is undoubtedly the werewolf. Similar to werewolves, there are ancient legends of skinwalkers. In these instances, a person gains or is given the ability to change his or her human form to that of an animal. There are even stranger reports in modern times of individuals claiming to witness extraterrestrial beings shift from one shape to another, usually posing as a loved one or an animal.  This begs the question, how could something like this be physically possible? To most, the answer is "it can't", and the phenomena is passed off as illegitimate and untrue. On the surface, this would seem like the rational way to think. After all, it seems physically impossible that something of a human size could shift into something as small as a bird, as certain Navajo legends claim. Where does the extra mass go? How can a skeletal structure bend and contort in the way needed for shapeshifting to happen? The same questions arise when considering how a being of human size can shift into something larger and more massive than itself. Where does the extra mass come from?  The Two Types When it comes to shapeshifters, there are two basic types. The first is a being who naturally has this ability. In ancient legends, this type of being is usually seen as a god, demon, or something else completely supernatural. Today, however, these are most often recognized as aliens.  The second type is a human being who has been given the ability to shapeshift. This is usually due to a curse or infection of some kind. The infection, such as with werewolves, comes from another shapeshifter while curses can come from normal humans who are believed to be in touch with the spirit world, such as shamans or mystics.  Natural Shapeshifters The first type is a bit easier to understand than the second from a physics point of view. For this, as with most things of this nature, we can use the example of Flatland, a fictional two-dimensional universe, to help explain what might be happening. As I have stated in my books Quantum Creation and Cherubim Chariots (available at ministudyministry.com), I believe there exists in creation a variety of extradimensional beings. From a Christian perspective, we might most recognize these beings as angels. As stated in my books and my previous blog, Angelic Genetics: Why the Nephilim were Physical Giants, the example of Flatland is a great aid to help us understand higher dimensions and extradimensional entities.  Imagine Flatland as a vertical universe inhabiting your living room. This version of Flatland only consists of two spatial dimensions: up/down and right/left. It lacks forward and backward. The denizens of Flatland, known as Flatlanders, can only see and interact with things in those directions. This means, if you are standing in front of Flatland looking straight at it, the Flatlanders would have no way of knowing you were there. Technically, you would be in the third spatial dimension, and Flatlanders lack the ability to perceive or even properly envision this extra dimension. To a Flatlander, you are an extradimensional being.  Now, imagine you were to wait until no Flatlanders were looking and you step halfway through Flatland. Once you were noticed, Flatlanders would assume you were two-dimensional like them. Even though, in reality, you are a being of three-spatial dimensions, Flatlanders would still lack the ability to see the third dimension. Therefore, they would only see the two-dimensional section of your body that was breaching Flatland.  Having access to the third spatial dimension would give you extra abilities that Flatlanders would lack. Imagine if you were to change your position in Flatland. Instead of standing up vertically in the middle of Flatland, imagine if you were to lay on the ground so that you were inhabiting Flatland bisected at the waist. To the Flatlander, this would look miraculous. From their perspective, they would first see a normal looking Flatlander. However, once you began to move, they would stare in astonishment and disbelief as you transformed from Flatlander into a small oval on the ground (which again, in reality, would be a two-dimensional section of your waist). To a Flatlander, you would be a supernatural shapeshifter.  Every shape that you could shift into while in Flatland is a part of your physical makeup. The shapes are merely two-dimensional slices of your body. You could even appear as two objects to Flatlanders. If you stepped out of Flatland and left your arms in, Flatlanders would assume you have transformed into two floating circular shapes. The number of shapes you could shift into would only be limited to the number of positions you could achieve and the number of two-dimensional slices you are made up of. It truly would be a number far too large to properly estimate.  It is possible the same type of thing is happening with certain shapeshifters. As I show in Quantum Creation and Cherubim Chariots, some of the alien beings people witness are more likely to be extradimensional beings rather than extraterrestrial (as a quick side-note, I do believe there are beings composed of three spatial dimensions that are still alien; for example, I believe certain beings can be manufactured, on and off-world, by extradimensional entities). If an alien being is shapeshifting, it might be a clue that it is actually composed of four or more spatial dimensions. The extradimensional being would be operating in the fourth spatial dimension to change shape in our space just as you would be in the third spatial dimension to change shape in Flatland. This can help explain reports of alien beings changing into the form of a loved one or an animal; they are just utilizing three-dimensional slices of their own extradimensional physiology.  Created Shapeshifters This one is a bit more difficult to consider. Using the Flatland example, this would be comparable to giving a Flatlander the ability to utilize the third spatial dimension. As far as I understand, this can be done in two different ways.  The first isn't quite as mysterious as the second. Imagine again the vertical Flatland in your living room. Imagine you were to grab a Flatlander and turn him ninety degrees into the third spatial dimension. To the other Flatlanders, this Flatlander would appear to have shapeshifted into a vertical line. You could also alter the shape the Flatlander shifts into by bending him in certain ways, utilizing the third spatial dimension. The main difference here is the Flatlander would be limited to how many shapes he could shift into because he is lacking an entire spatial dimension.  You might even be able to teach the Flatlander how to bend into the third dimension on his own. Even more, you might be able to teach the Flatlander how to fully enter and utilize the third spatial dimension. The Flatlander would still consist of two spatial dimensions, meaning he would still have a two-dimensional perspective. As he moved through the third dimension, the Flatlander would only see it in two-dimensional slices. He would see everything as a vertical line changing colors and shadow. However, to other Flatlanders, he would have the ability to disappear into a higher dimension and shapeshift. He would be looked at as a god.  This also might help explain the apparent abilities that certain cryptozoological creatures are reported to possess. For example, there have been reports that Bigfoot can utilize higher dimensions and escape into portals. While Bigfoot itself might just be a three-dimensional being, it might have the ability to utilize the fourth spatial dimension. For more on this, view my interview with former Bigfoot researcher Sara Brown below:  The second way something like this might be possible is far more mysterious. Essentially, it would involve the ability to turn a Flatlander into a three-dimensional being. It would mean you somehow have the ability to give a Flatlander an extra spatial dimension so he would become a three-dimensional being with a three-dimensional perspective. Such a thing would be quite miraculous, even for us, and in many ways would seem impossible.  There are ancient Navajo legends of a person being transformed into a skinwalker. This creature is said to able to transform into many different shapes. It would seem the person affected started out as a human being, yet somehow became an extradimensional being. It is possible a type of extradimensional technology exists that could accomplish this, but there might be another explanation.  It seems a true extradimensional being has an incredibly large number of three-dimensional shapes at their disposal; at least as many as we do of two dimensions. Because of this, any three-dimensional shape, regardless how complex it might be to us, would be relatively simple to a being of four spatial dimensions. Again, this is comparable to us in terms of two dimensions. Any two-dimensional shape is going to be far less complex than the three dimensional shapes that make up our reality.  This might explain the skinwalker phenomenon. Imagine if a Flatlander were cursed by another and I was there to witness this from the third spatial dimension where I could go unnoticed. Now imagine, if I had the motivation to do so, I wanted to dispose of the "cursed" Flatlander, then take his place. If I position myself in the right way to where I looked exactly like the Flatlander I disposed of, the other Flatlanders would assume I was him. Then I could go on shapeshifting and terrorizing their community, all while the Flatlanders believing it their cursed friend is responsible. It is possible a similar type of thing has happened in regards to the skinwalker phenomenon. This could even help explain the doppelganger phenomenon, as well as others.  Conclusion The notion of extra spatial dimensions seems to be the key to understanding many supernatural phenomena. When we start thinking of spiritual beings as super-physical rather than wispy and ethereal, the strange and mysterious encounters that permeate certain people's lives seem to be more plausible. In fact, from a physics standpoint, if extra dimensions do exist and are inhabited, we should expect these types of things to take place.  As I have said in my books, interviews, and articles, real people are having real experiences and they deserve an explanation. It is my belief explanations can be given from a biblical perspective. Yet, as it stands, the majority of the Church has no interest in dealing with these things. It is my sincere hope more Christians will learn to accept the reality of the supernatural, as the Bible defines it, and we begin to take back the territory the enemy has stolen.  Thank you for reading, take care, and God bless! Josh http://www.ministudyministry.com
Christina Peck
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Thanksgiving, a time to get together with loved ones and give thanks for our time together. I'm not saying we can't do this at any other time of the year, but most people have grown up, married and settled elsewhere to start a family and - or career that demands most of our attention.  And the holidays are time that some get a break to visit home again to reunite with loved ones and watch football. It seems that Thanksgiving is becoming just another day at the office though. Malls, department stores and other major corporations are opening their doors for people to abandon this tradition and spend time and money away from their family instead. I can't tell you the amount of people who are disgusted by this. Not only from the people who have to go in and work, but the families as well. Comments like "I'm not having a Thanksgiving this year, because my family has to work so I'll be alone this year."   Or "I guess my family is eating without me I have to work." These are just a couple statements I heard at work this passed week.  I know some people can work around it, but not everyone can.                                      I am not attacking relevant careers or causes at all. Fields like law enforcement, medicine, our military etc, we know you can't take the day off and we thank you for your services! Volunteers helping in, the community to feed the homeless, making sure that these people are being fed and given shelter is important. Small business-owners opening their doors to share a Thanksgiving meal for those who don't have family is heart warming, and usually done out of the kindness of their hearts. I'm  mainly disappointed in the major corporations that choose to open or stay open to make a buck. To encourage people who work so hard throughout the year to give up this one day set aside for family. I  know not everyone has family or can stand their family, but it doesn't make it any better. Major corporations don't care about family and I know first hand. I was even given ultimatums over if I was going to choose my family or my job. If I chose my family then I wouldn't get a promotion and I needed to dedicate 100% of my life to this company. This meant working 10 hours on holiday even though I was promised I'd only have to work 5!  They even went as far as to say that my husband was holding me back with his disability and it was hurting my career. My husband was not holding me back, he had just has a hip replacement with extensive surgery and was on bed rest! Once I realized I would ultimately have to sell my soul, hardly ever see my family, and give up my roll as mom, I felt lost. If it were not for the times I ended up in the hospital , I would probably still be there working today even. Not every  person who works in these major corporations are like that, but most are. The CEO's of these corporations get the time to spend with their families so why can't the rest of the employees? Main point guys keeping the malls, departments stores and other chains open on the holidays is  just ridiculous! People nearly kill each other as it is on Black Friday over a stupid toy! Do we really want to start a day earlier? Thanksgiving is also one of the biggest bar nights of the year. So keeping these businesses open will cause more accidents with more people out on the roads!  If you are choosing to go out this evening or tomorrow to do holiday shopping please be safe! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Christina Peck Neshamahessentials.com youtube.com/christinapeckNE

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